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Entering Arlington, MA

It’s amazing to me how real estate has become a spectator sport. Entire channels are devoted to it (HGTV), and there are a myriad of shows on a variety of networks: Flip This House, Sell This House, Designed To Sell, House Hunters, Take This House and Sell it, Property Virgins. The list goes on and on.

Why are these shows so popular? I suspect it’s for the same reason so many people want to talk about real estate. It affects everyone, whether homeowner, tenant, or landlord. It’s why visiting open houses is an entertaining Sunday outing, even when you have no intention of buying.

Owning a home is usually the largest investment any of us will make, and people want to stay informed.

Also, in periods of uncertainty in the real estate market, it’s interesting to see how other people are faring.

I’ve started this blog to keep readers informed of what’s going on, fun trends to follow, and hopefully initiate dialog about all things real estate, and all things local.

Thanks for reading!

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