Not Every Real Estate Market Is Struggling

Housing Market Article

“Not every real estate market is struggling.” This headline is from a recent Businessweek article discussing the state of home prices throughout the country.

It’s been said that all politics is local, but real estate is even more so., the real estate website, conducted a study of the 1,000 largest cities nationwide and identified the markets with the biggest gains and losses in home value.

The number 2 location is this study: our very own Arlington, MA! Since February 2009, median home value in Arlington increased by 14.8%. In contrast, the U.S. median home value fell by 9.9% during this same period. The worst performing city (Homestead FL) lost 48.8% of its property value.

It was learned that losers far outnumbered the winners. How great for Arlingtonians to be at the top of the list!

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