Arlington High School is #25!

Arlington, Massachusetts High SchoolUS News and World Report just issued their annual Best High Schools ranking. Out of 358 Massachusetts public and charter school researched, Arlington High School is #25!

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December 2012 Market Update

Mayan Beach Front Real EstateIt’s December 22 and the world is still here (those doomsday predictors must have miscalculated…), so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as we head towards 2013!

I’ll write up a year-end real estate recap in the next few weeks, but just wanted to jot down a few thoughts now.

In looking at what’s currently for sale, I’m amazed at the lack of homes available. There are currently 4 – yes, only 4! – single family homes for sale in all of Arlington. That’s incredible. There are 2 two-families and 15 condos. If you’re a buyer, the pickings are incredibly slim. [Read more…]

How’s the Market?

Arlington, MA Home Sales

When people learn I’m a realtor, the next comment is invariably “How’s the market?”

Information can be confusing and seemingly conflicting. The Boston Globe Business section ran the following headlines recently, 2 days apart: on 2/29 – Mass. Home sales jump 3 percent from a year ago, January uptick sparks hope; and on 3/2 – More Mass. homes faced foreclosure in Jan.

So is the picture good or bad? There are so many variables, there’s no one answer. Anyone who’s attended an open house recently knows there are loads of qualified buyers out shopping, and well-priced homes are getting multiple offers after just a weekend on the market.

Here’s a snapshot of Arlington by the numbers, showing a very healthy real estate market:
$546,539: Average single family sales price in 2011
264: Number of single families sold in 2011
$537,511: Average single family sales price in 2010
277: Number of single families sold in 2010
4: Number of homes sold for $1,000,000 or more in 2011
17: Number of homes sold for $1,000,000 or more in past 5 years
8: Number of foreclosed Arlington properties in 2011

So, How Does the 1% Live?


F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” That certainly holds true with their homes.

For those of us that get a guilty pleasure leafing through People Magazine at the dentist’s office or supermarket aisle, this blog is for you. (Thanks, Leslie, for telling me about this site.) When the super luxury homes of the rich and famous go up for sale, blogger Your Mama usually know about it.

Your Mama provides tongue-in-cheek commentary along with photos and – occasionally – floorplans, of the abodes of the rich and famous. Curious about what Emeril Lagasse’s kitchen looks like? Want to rent Pamela Anderson’s Malibu beach house (for only $75,000 a month)? Then log on to to learn about these and more.

This is real estate voyeurism at its best.

Not Every Real Estate Market Is Struggling

Housing Market Article

“Not every real estate market is struggling.” This headline is from a recent Businessweek article discussing the state of home prices throughout the country.

It’s been said that all politics is local, but real estate is even more so., the real estate website, conducted a study of the 1,000 largest cities nationwide and identified the markets with the biggest gains and losses in home value.

The number 2 location is this study: our very own Arlington, MA! Since February 2009, median home value in Arlington increased by 14.8%. In contrast, the U.S. median home value fell by 9.9% during this same period. The worst performing city (Homestead FL) lost 48.8% of its property value.

It was learned that losers far outnumbered the winners. How great for Arlingtonians to be at the top of the list!

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Stay Informed on All Things Real Estate and All Things Local

Entering Arlington, MA

It’s amazing to me how real estate has become a spectator sport. Entire channels are devoted to it (HGTV), and there are a myriad of shows on a variety of networks: Flip This House, Sell This House, Designed To Sell, House Hunters, Take This House and Sell it, Property Virgins. The list goes on and on.

Why are these shows so popular? I suspect it’s for the same reason so many people want to talk about real estate. It affects everyone, whether homeowner, tenant, or landlord. It’s why visiting open houses is an entertaining Sunday outing, even when you have no intention of buying.

Owning a home is usually the largest investment any of us will make, and people want to stay informed.

Also, in periods of uncertainty in the real estate market, it’s interesting to see how other people are faring.

I’ve started this blog to keep readers informed of what’s going on, fun trends to follow, and hopefully initiate dialog about all things real estate, and all things local.

Thanks for reading!